Nagging Girlfriends Make Men Healthier

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According to the study, girlfriends who nagging or exhibiting « annoying » behavior are actually gems that should be cherished by their partners. So if you’re a strong woman, you know this isn’t a worrisome trait — you’re actually helping your partner reduce their risk of health problems like diabetes.


Strong personalities can have consequences, but this study by experts at Michigan State University and the University of Chicago proves its benefits, with analysis showing that bad emotions can affect certain health conditions.

1,229 people and their partners were asked about their level of satisfaction and happiness in their relationships. They answered questions about whether they spent free time together, how much trust and openness they felt, and the criticism or demands they felt directed at them.

Women who responded positively had a lower risk of diabetes, which the researchers said was due to the conscious way women interacted with their partners. This ultimately affects their metabolic health.

However, men showed different results in the women’s study – quite the opposite! Men who write responses indicating that they are in relationships with women who like to control, make demands and criticize them are less likely to develop diabetes in the future. Not only did the men in the study have a lower risk of developing diabetes, but they also had an improved chance of managing their blood sugar levels after a diabetes diagnosis.

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