6 Ways Working From Home Might Be Triggering Migraines — And How To Tweak Your Set-Up

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Whether you’ve been working from home or are new to this lifestyle because of COVID-19, you probably know by now that WFH has its benefits and drawbacks. While not having to commute or dress up every day can be an advantage, it also brings many types of pitfalls.

Migraine headaches are the number one work-related trouble people experience today WFH. Especially if you live with your partner and if they also work from home. While we have more control over our surroundings, the eyestrain and fatigue of staring at a laptop all day is not ideal. Here are all the ways working from home can trigger migraines.

1. Too much screen-time and Zoom fatigue


Meetings are never fun, but they help you recover from all the screen time. Now bathe your eyes in blue light all day long when you have a meeting on Zoom. Luckily, there are orange filters that can help reduce screen time and thus reduce migraines. You can also add a screen time tracker to your device.

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